Delila - Anal Popper


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Prom girl Delila is laid out cold on the bench and strapped down.  Then her ankles are chained to her wrists on each side.  Smelling salts bring her around as she awakens to her hog chained predicament.  Her pretty gold dress is ripped up the back to reveal her lilly white ass crack.  She is forced to stare into a camera as her bottom and sensitive vagina are slapped and lubricated.  Biting on the wet mouth stuffing cinched in her mouth.  Then the glass probe is shown to her....and given to her...up the pussy....and up that tight ass.  The lubricant is cold but effective.  She scrunches up those pretty thighs but he spreads her open and pops that anal cherry.  After a good ass rodding she is once again stunned and lays still as he contemplates his next move. 

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