Delila - Breaking Bad



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Some bitches are harder to break than others. But they all need broke. Strip the bitch naked first. Give her a good wetness check before you whip that ass. Don't hesitate to goose the bitch or gag her neither. If you check her and find her wet, you whip the bitch harder.  Make her count out loud and agree to be obedient. 


Sultry red-haired beauty Delia's lovely little breasts and luscious buttocks are harshly and enthusiastically flogged, but she takes it in stride. Some tears would have been nice, but watching her endure the flogger is extremely enjoyable. It would also have been nice to have a front view for ALL of the breast flogging, as I especially enjoy Delia's expressions of pain and surprise during her punishment. Killer body, pretty face, and a high tolerance for pain make Delia a definite keeper. More of this delicious model, please.