Downloadable Movies

Download the entire Powershotz movie to your computer. Play them as many times as you want on any computer you want.  There are no restrictions or limits placed on these downloadable movies. The movies are yours to keep.

Warning!!!! Big Files!!!!

Don't attempt to purchase a movie unless you have a fast and a reliable Internet connection. These movie files are in excess of 1 Gigabyte.  You get 7 days and 5 attempts to download your purchase.  If additional time or attempts are needed, simply let us know.

The following is a by model listing of DVD's

  Product Price  
PZV022 - Amy's Bondage Experience - Download Version $40.00
VL002 - Two For the Price of One - Download Version $40.00
VL-036 - Dressed for Distress - Download Version $45.00
VL-058 - Daisy...Plucked and Pollinated - Download Version $45.00
PZV073 - Two Teeeen Bondagettes - Download Version $40.00
PZV058 - M&M's - Download Version $40.00
PZV015 - Gabby #1 - Rag Dolled Red - Download Version $40.00
VL-057 - Tory's Tied Torment - Download Version $45.00
PZV048 - Megan and Jessy - Download Version $35.00
VL-006 - Hard On Girls...Downloadable Version $45.00
PZV028 - Keri and Spring - Download Version $30.00
VL-074 - Comes a Time - Downloadable Version $40.00



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