Downloadable Clips

Individual bondage scene video clips.  The clips are in .mpg or .wmv format and are contained within a zip file archive.  Older clips are high quality mpg while newer clips are high quality .wmv file type.  The clips are sub divided alphabetically by models name.  Running time of a clip is about one minute for every fifty cents of cost.  In other words a $5 clip will be around 10 minutes.  We welcome your reviews...positive or negative.....

  Product Price  
Kayyla - Cleaning Girl Swept Away $15.00
Heather - Turned and Burned $20.00
Gabby - Slave School $20.00
Aubry and Tatum - Run Down and Hung Up $20.00
Jerzi - Teen Dream $18.00
Kristina - Smokin Hot Bitch to Break $25.00
Andi Adams - Special Treatment $18.00
Lexis and Ally - Barbie Dolled $20.00
Jessy - Scared Innocent $30.00
Clarissa - Innocent and Scared $15.00
Delila Darling - Cocked Model $20.00
Kylie - Grabbed, Struggle Stripped, Post Roped and Bed Bound $18.00



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