Katherine is a gorgeous red head with fair complexion and freckles.  She has a fiesty attitude that requires strong discipline to break.  But once broken she submits with passionate intensity.  Her body is lean, with excellent muscle deliniation, smooth and inviting round bottom...and perfectly shaped breasts. 
  Product Price  
Katherine - Slave Slapped and Oiled $16.00
Katherine - Learning to Beg for Cock $11.00
Katherine - Snared and Chaired $9.00
Katherine - Dirty Floor $11.00
Katherine - Bedded Red $7.00
Katherine - Over the Stool and Over Her Head $11.00
Katherine - Put on a Pedestal $7.00
Katherine - Sport Hog $11.00
Katherine - Hung Up and Cut Off $15.00
Katherine - Cut Off and Lubed Up $14.00
Alex, Jessy, Katherine - Three Bitchin Hogs $8.00
Katherine - Rope Hogged and Ball Gagged $9.00