Hazel - Afternoon Delight


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Just coming home, skipping along and enjoying the warm sun, when she is grabbed by the neighbor boy.  He's gotten a lot bigger....and stronger.  Way stronger, there is nothing she can do to stop him from feeling her up and taking her kicking to bed.  Once there....he binds her wrists to the head board and enjoys a little afternoon delight.  It's hard to tell at first if she is scared or aroused.  The first time he fucks her straight on, then cocks her mouth till he squirts.  Ten minutes later he does her doggie, then flips her over and hammers home while she begs him for harder.  The rope work is sloppy but quite effective.  Especially when he uses it like a reigns and whips her ass while he's doing her.  Guess she was aroused afterall.  Beats doing homework. 

Video Length: 16:21 minutes 
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