Hazel - Pissed Off


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Hazel searches for a place to pee and is intercepted by a horny dude on a 4 wheeler.  He runs her down, catches up with her, she struggles and kicks, trying desperately to get away, then he produces a chloro rag and puts her to sleep with an eyeball rolling sigh.  He carries her back, lays her out on the trailer, strips her and feels her up, then binds her securely to the rails.  She wakes up and lets him know that she isn't happy, but her fiestyness is useless against the restraints and excite her captor.  She knows she's being taken to be fucked.  She can only hope he'll be gentle....

Video Length: 13:04 minutes
Keywords: outdoors capture hand.gag chloroform stripping topless carrying full.nude leather.cuffs waist.belt rope spread ball.gag transport

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