Kristina - Sunner


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Stunning sun bunny Kristina lays in the sun listening to her ipod, making it easy for the masked intruder to sneak up on the little hottie and take her out with a little cloth over mouth seduction therapy. Once limp she is carried inside and hog cuffed on the couch. She wakes up the hard way....hand between her legs, hand over her neck, mouth wide open and nobody to hear. Her panic leads to wetness and arousal as his persistent stripping, fondling, and domination forces her to beg to suck dick. He slaps her ass and fondles her at will. Gets her head up, gets his cock out...and throats that pretty little mouth while she gags and vexes until he spews seminal fluid down her throat.  When the fun is over he cuffs her overhead and tours her residence while she wiggles that fine ass in distress.  Then he gives her the old cloth over mouth lecture that puts her to sleep quickly.  He carries her back out to her lounger, hooks her back up to her ipod....and leaves her with a wet mouth and sore wrists and ankles to ponder whether she dreamed the whole thing up or not. 

Video Length: 24:11 minutes 
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