PZV002 - Trixie


Trixie is escorted in...arms behind back in a spaghetti strap top, short black skirt, hose and sensible shoes.  She is stripped, fondled, spanked, dominated and displayed.  Then she is handcuffed, ball gagged and clothes pins are put on those sensitive perky nipples.  Next she is hog tied strictly while being spanked, fondled, and tormented with the riding crop.  She is ball gagged and that fine body flexes helplessly.  Next she is roped hand over head to a hoist wearing a country skirt and blouse.  She is disrobed, dominated, nipple clamped and fondled.  Then she is rudely interrupted as she exits the bathroom stall and quickly chloroformed into silence.  She is stripped nude, looked over and leg tied before being awakened with a slap on the ass.  Her arms are held firmly behind her as her body is fondled.  She is hog tied and ball gagged, then rolled and tormented.  A pure bondage virgin, pushed to the limit in this classic bondage and abduction fantasy.  Lots of heavy hand over mouth domination and torment.  In the next brutal scene she is cuffed nude to a straight back chair and interrogated, a dental spreader bit and fingertip insertion with nose hook and riding crop breaks her down.  Finally she is leather strapped in ball gag training harness and ass upped on the table with strict arm binder until broken to drooling submission.  Two hours and twenty minutes long, it doesn't get any better than this folks. 

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