PZV028 - Keri and Spring - Shippable Version


Electrical inspector must have messed with the wrong contractor. Her name is Keri, and she is one hot mamma MILF. Whoever she pissed off is having a good time with her. First she is accosted and molested in struggle kick body feel up hand over mouth fashion until her body weakens enough for him to get that solvent soaked rag over her mouth. A couple of deep inhales and her eyeballs are rolling. Then she is prettying up in front of a mirror and gets hopped on again. Only this time her antagonist uses medical tape and has a good time breaking the bitch, feeling up those intimate areas, spanking and dominating, tape gagging that pretty little mouth before putting her out on the bed. She wakes up with a sore ass, calls a friend to tell her about it, and gets grabbed again and put down nicely. Later she enters a building to perform an inspection, and gets grabbed, molested and anesthetized again. Poor girl. She better start approving some work! Next up is pretty faced little girl Spring. She takes a ride from a stranger and gets a lesson in the perils of hitch hiking the hard way. Hog tied, ball gagged, over the stool spanked, cleave gagged, hand cuffed fully molested, rope hog tied and gagged on her bed and forced to beg for cock. This lesson will teach her to keep that thumb in her mouth where it belongs if she doesn't want to take it up the ass! Full length movie from Powershotz.com. 1 hour, 28 minutes of bitch stripping leg kicking bare handing bondage fun! PZV028

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