PZV029 - Chlsea,Jasmine,Missy,Mandy


4 Incredibly hot, barely legal, super babes dominated in classic Powershotz bondage style.  Some of the earliest Powershotz video footage of Jasmine, Missy and Mandy.  Video includes roughly half of Chlsea's short and sweet venture into bondage modeling.  All of Missy's domination, and a good percentage of Jasmine's bondage and domination scenes including a good bare handed ass slapping and a ball gagged latex tubing nude hog tie.  Missy and Mandy hog tied naked for the brief few moments that they could endure it before breaking down because the bondage was too strict.  Poor Missy didn't like the ball gagging much.  Nice flared nostrils!  Chlsea in leather cuffed ass up bondage is the perfect party favor but you get to see her hog tied and ball gagged and strung up to a pole as well.  Poor thing.  Some early footage is of lower resolution.  1:37 Long. 

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