PZV057 - Two Tarts Topped


Two first timers star in this abduction, bondage, and slave training flick.  18 year old Angelica, scared and embarrassed cheer leader is bitch stripped and dominated into handcuffed submission, then ball gagged, cropped, leg ironed, and hog cuffed on the table.  Next is tight assed  Natalia.  She shows up to sell products and is coerced into bondage modeling.  Of course she needs to be grabbed, stripped, dominated, spanked, handcuffed and gagged to get her to cooperate.  She is cuffed overhead and hoisted, cropped and spun around.  That long lithe body stretched out nice and tight.  Then she is hung spread eagle from the hanging rack, transferred to whipping post where she is locked in and harness gagged, nipple clamped and collared.  Finally she is stood up at the whipping post and reduced to tears with strict discipline and a stifling ball gag.  If you are into scared first time bondage and super hot tattoo free bodies this flick is for you.  A classic.... 

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