PZV058 - M&M's


Martina Warren and Matilda star in this bondage and discipline compilation.  First Martina....Pajama bound Penthouse Pet.  Those gorgeous lips wrap that ball with the perfect degree of precision.  Deep throat training this hottest of hoglettes is reserved for royalty. One can only imagine how fine it would be to release a hard snake on that glamour girl body as she is bound in captive runner girl scene and ass up wrist to ankle bitted on sheepskin to protect that milky white purity from scratching during periods of heavy repetitive thrusting.  Next Matilda.  The plain and simple servant.  With long and strong legs made lean by years of hard work.  That ass tight as a drum.  Whipped to tears while drooling on ball gag is her reward.  Then roped wrist to ankle and rolled into position with her begging for cock pussy throbbing with anticipation and her praying it won't happen ass all scrunched up tight.  1:15 minutes plus 30 minutes of previews from early releases. 

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