PZV084....Sensual Distress



4 Lovely young maidens are dominated and bound in this sensual arousal presentation.  Anna stict hog tie and ball gag with nose hook....in full bare ass nudity.....Alanna....disciplined standing with neck noose....then anal and vaginal vibrational stimulation on the training bench.  Incredible baby faced glamour girl Jerzi...in an arabian night suspension fantasy.....bondage virgin Angel....in her first and only excursion into strict bondage....arms spread kneeling strappado with nose hook.  It's a sleeper.....and a keeper. 


The opening scene with Anna is outstanding , she makes a wonderful submissive model , bringing just the right mix of distress with obvious sexual excitation and a killer body "to the table". [ pun intended ]
Her voluptuous hips and buttocks are a joy to behold and captured in a variety of highly flattering angles.
Way to go !


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