PZV085 - White Slaver Switch


Ok I'm going to give it to you straight......if you like two girl abduction and domination fantasy....you've got to see this dvd.  18 yo Kylie is the hottest stupid little blonde that ever needed to be abducted and fucked.....and Alex Del Monacco is the hottest celebrity to fully take advantage of the opportunity to tie up and fuck Kylie straight.  The only problem is Kylie gets loose after being fucked and turns the tables on Alex, then uses the strap on to fuck tied up Alex.....then she makes a dangerous mistake.....she tries to sell Alex Del Monacco to the buyer.....but the buyer can obviously tell that Alex was supposed to be selling Kylie.....not the other way around.  So he goes ahead and grabs Kylie, ties her up alongside Alex, torments the two hotties, and takes those two fine pieces of ass away to fully exploit their orifi.......and without having to pay a dime.  Not a bad deal. 

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