PZV094 - Spyware


A never before released short film starring Alex Del Monacco.  In her dream she sees herself a spy searching through an art gallery for a disk.  Her long, and sexy legs and ass are perfectly displayed as she searches the space, gun in hand.  After a search of the gallery, she lays on the couch and strips to panties and bra.  She begins to play with herself and suddely hears a noise.  She goes on the look for the source of the noise and is suddenly shot in the stomach. She falls dead on the floor, eyes open...what a waste of a fine body!  Suddenly she jumps from her dream clutching her gut.  Luckily it was only a dream.  The 30 minute film is followed by roughly 40 minutes of preview videos from powershotz releases prior to PZV094. 

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