PZV096 - Page Turner


It starts with our sweet young Page just walking down the street when she is stalked by a dark man.  She enters a building to evade him, and runs straight into his counter part.  Pickled between the two men, she is lifted bodily and carried in.  They hold her down on the table, and tear her clothing away, using it to bind her legs.  Her panties are torn away....and she is butt slapped, oiled, dominated, hog tied, and spun on the slippery table like a top.  Then she is bound in steel wire standing full spread eagle.  Completely nude and begging.  Next we find lovely Lexi, bound in steel wire on a bare mattress...she is fondled, dominated, bound spread eagle, duct tape gagged.  She is turned over, and made fully aware of her vulnerability to intercourse.  Finally, a young black model is shocked by the intensity of a bondage shoot as she is stripped nude, forced to position her body, tied up...and ball gagged with a big pink ball.  Awesome black body!

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