PZV097 - Comely Cockettes


This Dvd is all about ass!  Hot nude tied up ass.  Two comely cutie faced blond girls, bound up in positions where the ass is not only accessible, but there isn't a damn thing she can do to cover it up.  In part one she is carried in bound hand and foot over the shoulder, tossed down on the bed where she is heavily molested, then put to sleep with a rag over mouth.  While out, she is bound in leather restraints and spreader bar.  Now standing bound spread eagle she is again heavily fondled.  Gorgeous tits and ass ripple and bounce nicely.  Then she is ass upped, transferred to the discipline bench...and rubber hose frog tied.  Next cute little naked Page is steel cuffed on the same discipline bench.  She is forced to present her bottom straight up where it can be cropped, fondled, spanked, or penetrated as desired.  Then she is flipped over on her back and left begging in bondage.  Contains preview video clips from previous Powershotz releases. 

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