PZV103 - Strippers Repent


A stripper coming home from work is grabbed as she exits her car, she is thrown into a van and taken to a strange place, where she is forced to do a little strip tease in private.  Only problem is that she won't be getting paid for this gig.  She'll be taught a lesson instead.  Using domination, corporal punishment, arm binder, nipple clamps, vibrating crotch rope, and heavy handed tactics, her captor convinces her to seek other career options.  In scene two, bondage first timer Ally, only 18 years old, is taken through a very strict elbow cinching, crotch rope hog tie with ball gag and nose hook.  Those fine white thighs look fantastic as she struggles her virgin ass off in strict rope bondage.  Heavy fondling and domination top this bitch off. 

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