PZV111 - Stripped For Discipline



Four lovely ladies....Andi, Beth, Lexis Lane, and Victoria....stripped nude and shackled up tight so they can be properly dealt with.  Each of these scenes is of historical significance to any serious bondage collector.  The Lexis discipline scene and Beth at the whipping post scenes are incredible.  Victoria's smooth muscular body is revealed when the strings are pulled on her bikini as she is tied spread eagle to the table, and Andi gets a serious dominating hog fondle with nose hook and ball gag.  Incredible stuff!  Get it before they make it illegal!


I simply must say it ; the schoolgirl discipline scene with Lexis ass-up on "the bench" is one of the most powerfully erotic clips I've ever witnessed. It doesn't hurt that Lexis has an ass that defies description - it's so perfectly delicious it has to be seen to be believed.
What also sets this scene apart from many others is the multi-angle presentation that showcases Lexis very well and doesn't tarry overmuch in any one spot so as to become tedious. The camera-work is stable and catches Lexi at her erotic best.
The close-ups are well done and timed just right. Overall it's one of Powershotz' best moments in my opinion !