PZV112 - Model Material



Two gorgeous girls show up to try modeling.  Little do they know that before this shoot is over they'll be stripped and spanked, hand cuffed, ball gagged, hog tied, nose hooked, rope choked, anal whipped, dominated and left begging.  It's hard not to get horny when you receive this sort of treatment.


The previous reviewer summed up this video well. I would add a criticism however - the lighting during Abbey's table scene caused quite a bit of "washout" and had a detrimental effect on detail and image quality.
I'm no camera-man or film maker so I'm not saying I could do better - but I would have very much liked to see my favorite scene in better light and with less camera-shake.


A lovely young woman named 'Audrey' is the centerpiece of this video, and justly so. Tall and dark-haired, with lovely, large, expressive eyes, after her initial resistance she is sweetly submissive as her new master binds her and puts her through her paces. While most models in such videos spend a lot of time whimpering or pleading, Audrey doesn't have much to say. But the ever-shifting expressions on her pretty face tells you all you need to know. Some times she is obviously fearful, some times quite uncomfortable, but it is clear that underneath it all she is powerfully aroused by all the binding, posing, handling, mild flogging and complete helplessness. There's an especially interesting scene where she is bound naked to a chair and her captive friend, 'Abbey', also naked and just released from a painful hogtie, is forced to fondle her from behind, rubbing her breasts and shaved pussy. If Audrey's reactions don't get you aroused yourself you just aren't paying attention. I'd give this video six stars if I could.