PZV115 - Disabled and Disciplined



It takes a lot of work to properly discipline a young girl.  If she is to be shown the error of her ways and introduced to a world where she can fully express her sexuality it is going to take some effort.  After Bianca finishes up talking to her husband, she is taken....disciplined...stripped, spanked, bound, dominated, and aroused....then she calls him up..and tells him how horny she is.  He'll never know.  Likewise Audrey and Beth are bound and effectively shocked back to reality with strict discipline.  The bench domination scene with Audrey is hot!  The strip, cuff, and ball gag of Bianca is pure arousal.


The opening with Bianca takes up the bulk of this video. She's stripped, bound in a number of positions, some of them very uncomfortable-looking, and spanked on occasion. And after she calls her husband she settles back onto the hotel bed with a happy little smile on her face. Then comes a bit more of Audrey, first bound kneeling to a pole and later on the discipline bench. Her reactions are a bit different than they were in 'Model Material', which somehow just makes her more interesting. Some scenes with Beth in stocks follow, then more Beth naked and tied to a pole. There's also some scenes with Lexis Lane. As the title implies, there's spanking and cropping sprinkled throughout the video, plus a bit gag for Audrey.