PZV119 - Second Interview



They were called back for a second interview, sent to the bathroom to pee in the cup......when they emerge from the bathroom....they start immediately.  The job pays well...it involves working with other girls....and it involves slave training.  When the girls are informed of this opportunity with a good stripping and domination....they comply nicely....and cash the check.  Shelena is brought to an awesome orgasm under the careful pressure applied by Bryce on the vibrating head....and Bryce is broken in with a vibrating probe anal training after laughing and calling the Master a pussy.  When Shelena is made to bark like a dog....they begin to understand the requirements of their new positions.  This dvd is one you will not want to miss!  Two hot bodied baby dolls dominated hard.


Bryce is an incredibly beautiful young woman ... pretty much physical perfection truth be told. Seeing her get the vibrator therapy on "the bench" was amazing to behold.
It's obvious that the shape of that most unusual vibrator catches all the "sweet spots" just right ... Bryce's squeals and grunts and groans were a serious turn-on. This one is not to be missed !