PZV121 - Repressed Desire


Two hot young girls that have always dreamed of being tied up and dominated are taken through the motions.  In part one, an invader enters Lexis's home and takes her into custody.  She is bound and dominated in legendary fashion.  Wrist to ankle ass up roping, chair tied and nipple clamped, spread eagle wire racked, crotch roped arms over head frog legged, and hog roped on the arch.  In part two, Lexis and Shelby are anal trained.  First Lexis on the discipline bench, then Shelby is given special attention in a face down spread eagle cuff with vibrator penetration of her pussy and anus, followed by a discipline bench anal penetration.  Their smooth round bottoms are lubricated and penetrated in dominating fashion.  Their facial expressions reveal the depth of their submission as they are bottom slapped and internally stimulated. 

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