PZV122 - Trio of Trollops



A trio of gorgeous damsels in bondage.  Lexis walks into the room naked, wads up a piece of newspaper and sticks it in her mouth, tapes it over with clear tape, and waits for the Master to come in, duct tape her tightly, dominate that fine piece of tits and ass, and finally wrap her up in newspaper and hog tape her.  Scene 2 stars Jewel in her first bondage excursion.  She is grabbed, stripped, dominated, roped to a chair, gag reflex tested and ball gagged.  In scene 3 she is bound spread eagle face down on the table and left begging.  Fine white ass and perfect smooth skin. 


The stunningly-built Lexis Lane walks into a small room, already naked, slowly and thoroughly tape-gags herself, and then, kneeling, puts her hands behind her to await whatever follows. Watching this lovely young woman submit to posing, fondling, a little spanking, and ever-stricter duct-tape bondage at the hands of a masked man is riveting, especially with all the steamy, sexy looks Lexis aims at the camera while this is going on. Her reactions as she is gently fondled while in bondage make it clear that she's enjoying every minute.
I'll be honest. I've had this video for a while, and while the rest of it is pretty good, I pretty much watch it now just for Lexis' incredible body and equally incredible performance.


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