PZV124 - Private Property


Two hot babes, Shelby and April, wander onto private property to take a piss.  Pants around the ankles make excellent leg restraints when they are grabbed and dominated.  Shelby is quickly anesthetized while April is dominated into submission with discipline.  They are taken back to the Master's lair where they are bondaged and slave trained.  Out cold Shelby is clear taped and awakened with a cloth gag before being trained.  April is carried in, stripped, cuffed, gagged and taken through full body fondling dominating back arching fully nude bondage with head harness and nose hook.  Shelby gets her clothing torn off and spanked hard at the shipping post.  These two will have a greater respect for private property when they are released after this little pissing trip.  Although they may come back for more training in the future.  Why is it that some girls get so turned on at the thought of being abducted, stripped, whipped, bound, and forced to submit to slavery?  1:35 minutes long.  Awesome dvd!

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