PZV127 - Subjugator


Introducing 18 yo Zee in her first and only bondage release.  She is abducted, stripped, cuffed, and carried inside where she is thrown down on the bed, dominated, fondled, hog cuffed, ball gagged and nose hooked. Awesome!  Then she is taken to another room where she is rope bound, hog tied and gagged.  Awesome ass, nice bare bottom spank.  In part two....April walks to the barn wearing boots and bikini.  A stranger enters and commands her to raise her arms in the air, she wisely does as she is told, she is rope bound and led into the country, where she is forced to kneel on a tarp, rope bound, ball gagged, and fondled.  She is rolled ass up and her bikini is cut away, then she is repositioned and bound in a position where sex will be easily accomplished.  She is ball gagged and butt slapped...shivering cold and breathing hard.  If you like hot bodies in bondage you'll like this dvd. 

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