PZV128 - Under Duress


Two hot young girls, Lola and April, are abducted and subjected to bondage and slave training.  First Lola, strolls into the afternoon sun and strips topless.  Unaware that two men are watching.  They grab her, and after a brief struggle subdue and carry her to a shed.  There she is strapped in strong leather, stripped nude, dominated and spanked.  She tries to escape but is caught.  Neck restriction and strict bondage will be required to tame this tart.  Next April is watched going into a store....he sneaks into her car and awaits her return.  A chloroform rag from the back seat is not what she was expecting when she returned, but it doesn't matter now.  She wakes up in bondage, and struggles that fine body with intensity as her captor reaches between her legs and holds a hand over her mouth.  She is strappado'd and spanked, then knelt against the whipping post and bound in wooden stocks and rope.  Riding crop and nose hook are used to dominate the poor girl.  She'll be released when she begs properly for sex. 

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