PZV129 - Home Invasion!


Three first time bondagettes star in this home invasion fantasy.  A stranger boldly enters Jennifer's house and bedroom where he overpowers her as she is preparing for a night out on the town.  Now she'll be staying in....stripped, bound, ball gagged, and disciplined.  Nice legs!  Then first timer Maria...scared and embarrassed as an intruder cuffs her, then chloroforms her.  She is taken to his lair and cuffed overhead, stripped nude, dominated and fondled, then gagged, nose hooked and spanked.  Finally Toni....waking up to leg kicking chloroform panic....and waking up again...this time roped to the post and head harnessed.  Her nipples are clamped...she is cropped....then broken...taken to bed.  Great first timer reality reactions in this one!  Over 1:40 long.

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