PZV131 - Bitch Breaker


Three young bitches, each with their own set of issues.  The first, Clarissa, going to a nude modeling shoot.  Luckily she came across a guy that is only going to strip her bare ass naked, feel her up, lock her up, flog her heavily, and make her horny as a goat with a wetness check.  Jennifer, home alone again.  Her husband always away.  Now she's duct taped to a chair and gagged while a stranger puts her own handicam on a tripod to record her captivity as a gift for the old man.  After cutting away her clothing and molesting her shamelessly, she is taken up to bed, spreader bar hogged, ball gagged.....and the dildo she keeps in her drawer to fill in for the missing husband is tossed on the bed with her.  I wonder how it will feel in the hands of a stranger?  Finally Stacie comes trotting along and drops trou to take a piss on private property.  She won't make that mistake again.  Problem is she'll be on a breeder farm for the next few years.  The guy that grabbed her ass had so much fun stripping, ripping the clothes off, binding her to a tree, and feeling up that hot body, that he decided to add her to his stable of breeders.  Damn shame.....1:30 long.

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