Shipping and returns

Nothing will be shipped to your address unless you specifically order a Dvd by mail!

Dvd's are shipped via regular mail and arrive in brown 6 X 9 bubble mailer envelopes.  The disks are inside of paper sleeves and have only text markings on them.  No plastic cases or dvd boxes, no color grapic images on the disks or sleeve.  There are no product markings or advertisements on the envelope.  International shipments are subject to customs inspection and are not guaranteed delivery.  Within the continental United States, product delivery is guaranteed.  If you are unhappy with any of the products that you receive, a prompt refund will be provided.  Items will only be shipped to the address you specify when ordering.  No advertisements will be mailed to you and your address will be kept confidential. 

Our address is:

Emotionz, LLC
1123 Oak Borough Drive
Ballwin, Missouri 63021