VL-002 - Two for the Price of One


Kylie shows up to try out modeling.  She brings her friend Alex along as a precaution.  The two girls are stupid enough to drink the wine that they are offered. As Kylie is posing, she starts to go under, Alex realizes to late what is happening.  She tries to bring Kylie out of it but falls victim to the effects just as she is becoming aware.  She wakes up hog tied at the foot of the bed....Kylie bound spread eagle on her back....and a dildo at the ready.  Things get real interesting now.  Kylie gets that dildo.....and Alex gets doggie dicked on top of Kylie.  Then the both of them are bound hands overhead and dicked in the mouth.  A sore bottom and a cock in the mouth will teach these two to avoid the sins of drinking in the future.  The photographer and his assistant obviously got their money's worth out of this shoot.  As an added boner.....poor sweet little lizzie is chloroformed in her bed...stripped nude....bound wrist to ankle ass up....awakened with a hard slap on the ass....and bottom oiled.  In her bound position she is unable to evade the digits that slip up that fine white ass. 

Video length: 1 hour 31 minutes plus 11 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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