VL-005 - Caught & Taught


Andi Adam's boss has suspected for some time that she was stealing from him.  So he waits until Friday afternoon, and uses his security assistant to help with the collar.  She is first hand cuffed, ball gagged, bent over the desk, and spanked hard on that fine bare ass.  Then she is stripped, roped on the table, forced to suck boss cock and fucked by the security man while bound.  Next she is handcuffed and blindfolded to a chair where she is again forced to suck boss cock, heavily fondled and neck choked.  They've got all weekend to correct her misbehavior....and they use it wisely.  She is bishop harnessed, cuffed to a training bench riding cropped on her anus, fingered and fucked.  It was a hard lesson, but she won't be stealing again, and she gets to keep her job.  Next we find Abbey, nightclub stripper, cuffed and out cold on the floor after being captured the night before.  She is awakened, cuffed to a training bench....anal trained and forced to suck.  That should put an end to her days as a stripper.  Two girls....caught and taught valuable lessons.  Hard lessons to be sure, but in the end they will both be better off for it.    

Video length: 1 hour 34 minutes plus 5 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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