VL-007 - Well Deserved


Well deserved discipline, domination, and penetration.  First April and Shelby sit discussing their bondage fantasies when Shelby tells April she's been talking to a guy on line that wants to tie her up and fuck her brains out.  April sets it up...you get to watch..along with April....while Shelby takes it hard.  Then Lexis...private stripper....she's been ripping off the same customer for some time.  She wishes he'd get a backbone.  Well he does get a backbone...and he gives her a bone too.  Along with the help of his friend.  The two of them make sure Lexis gets her well deserved comeuppance at the whipping post....after they've stripped her naked and had some fun with those awesome tits and that find tight ass! 

Video length: 1 hour 28 minutes plus 3 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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