VL-009 - Dream Girls



Lexis Lane lays in bed...dreaming of being abducted bound and fucked.  Her dream begins with an abduction by two men, who take her upstairs, cuff her to the bed, fondle and partially strip the young girl, then one of them sticks his cock in her mouth.  Next she is stripped to full nudity and ass upped on the bed, she is gagged and fucked, rolled, spread eagle, vibrated and spread face down, then fucked again....then again...this time doggie style...wrists to ankles....and taken hard in the ass.  This dream has it all folks.  Next slave girl Shelby...kneeling and cuffed...sucks her Master's cock...then she is anal probed on the bed..spread face down....and anal trained doggie style on the discipline bench. 

Video length: 1 hour 36 minutes plus 9 minutes of previews

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Lexis Lane is the perfect girl. Her incredible body gets fondled and fingered thoroughly before she gets fucked in every hole by 2 villains. Then the amazing body of Shelby gets slowly and intensely molested in spite of her loud protests. Her pussy is fingered. Her butt gets repeatedly penetrated with a vibrator and her captor's thumb. Finally she is taken doggy with a great close-up of her pained facial expressions. I have had over 20 custom movies made, but this one is better than any of my customs. I wish I could give it 10 stars!!!


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