VL-011 - Sub Prime



It begins with Stacie coming home from the strip club.  She gets a little help going through the front door and is escorted inside where she has one more strip to do....unfortunately this strip is being done by someone elses hands.  She is stripped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed.  Then led around like a dog and put in the dog cage.  When she is taken out, she is taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged.  Cuffed to the bench and vibrated to orgasm, made to bark like a dog, and finally lubricated and anal trained.  Awesome Ass!!  Next we find Lexis asleep on the couch, she is awakened with chloroform....then goes right out again.  When she awakens she is bound to a chair, bit gagged, fondled and left.  A second man comes along and takes the gag out...sticks his cock in....and uses that cute little mouth, before putting her on the couch and making her hog suck, then fucking her senseless and coming on her face. 

Video length: 1 hour 36 minutes plus 9 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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Stacie is my kind of girl...very little makeup , stoic demeanor and a killer body. When Steve holds up her legs to put that beautiful package on display , let's just say the needle on the "erotic meter" went past red and bent itself !
I also loved how she reacted to her vibrator session on the "discipline stool".
I would have to say that this vid ranks among my Powershotz favorites - Stacie is the absolute bomb.