VL-012 A Tale of Two Tails



College Coed Stacie is run down, captured, and duct taped.  She is stripped, fondled, and over the shouldered inside for molestation and slave training.  Then Lexis hears a noise while doing the chores and decides to investigate.  Only to find herself hijacked by two men.  They rope bind her, carry her into the woods, tie her to a tree where they moleste and fondle her.  Now it's Stacies turn.  She is leather cuffed to the whipping post, tit whipped, flogged and spanked, then hooked up with a powerful vibrator that takes her over the top.  Now Lexis is put on the table where she can be effectly restrained, looked over, fondled, and penetrated with ease.  She is left with a squirt to the small of her back and the taste of semen in her mouth.

Video length: 1 hour 27 minutes plus 10 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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Stacie has a nice, long, body with beautiful firm breasts and a perfect round ass. Lots of fun watching that body being enjoyed against her will. But as always, Lexis Lane steals the show.Watching her get fondles, fingered and fucked in several positions was worth way more than the price of this movie. Nothing with Lexis ever gets less than 5 stars from me.