VL-018 - No Hard Feelings



Introducing Tiki....Coed fallen asleep over her book....Is it a dream....or is it real....the intruder jumps her....binds her to the bed...fondles, strips and cuts away those pretty little pajamas.....her legs are roped up....once he's got her nude and bound...well....penetration is pretty much ineveitable.  Spread up...spread down...doggie style....anal trained...glass rod...and good old fashioned squealing.  Next is Lexis Lane....a short clip...stocked and probed internally.  Hot! 

Video length: 1 hour 27 minutes plus 12 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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Tiki is a favorite of mine. She's cute, flexible, a bit athletic, and very vocal, and this video showcases all those qualities, from the struggling and protesting to how very appetizing her naked body looks when she's all trussed up. Watch as she's put through her paces by a dominant who knows just how to do it.
Lexis is probably my ultimate favorite Powershotz model, and while she's not as active in the video as Tiki is, she's still worth watching as she starts and finishes in a wooden yoke, helpless and submissive. Anyone looking for an entertaining hour and a half will not be disappointed by this video!


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