VL-019 - ThreeFer


Three bopable babes in bitchin bondage.  First Andi, abducted, stripped, table topped in wrist to ankle ass up bondage and ball gagged.  Then Stacie, slave trained in heavy leather and harness gag.  Nipple clamped and whipped, strapped to the backboard and vibrated to orgasm.  Finally, Alex is abducted, chloroformed, tied down, she wakes up in bondage.  Then a man approaches with a hard on.  It's in her mouth....it's in her pussy....she's upside down...rightside up....turned and rolled.  He gets her every way he can.  Then in inverted suspension, arms bound behind her back...he approaches....she sucks....she begs.  It's hot!

Video length: 1 hour 36 minutes plus 3 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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