VL-022 - Forcing Function


Hazel & Tiki....Too cute not to be grabbed and cuffed overhead to the wall where they can be stripped and fondled.  Then hog tied alongside one another on the table.  The photographer's assistant takes a little personal liberty with Hazel's cute little mouth and fine tight pussy.  He squirts on Hazel's face as Tiki watches and wets herself in ancitipation.  Then Renae, disciplined using corporal punishment for leaving an important client waiting at a modeling shoot.  She gets whipped in high heels on that fine black ass.  Wetness checks show extreme arousal so she is turned to face outward, her elbows strapped, heavy hooters clamped, and flogged on her breasts belly and groin.  Finally Hazel.....mercifully prepared for sale with a strong anal training session.  She is butt slapped and lubricated, then probed deep in her virgin bottom with a bulbed glass rod.  When the buyer choke collars young Hazel with a leather strap and takes a hard stab at that ass....she's locked and loaded for moanin.   This one's a classic folks....don't miss it! 

Video length: 1 hour 28 minutes plus 6 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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