VL-027- Stimulus Package


Heather Silk preps her hot body for a night out on the town, grabs those keys and struts for the car.  Unfortunately she didn't look in the back, where a man was hiding with a chloroform soaked rag....ready to take Heather to his own private party.  The asphyxiant works perfectly when held tightly over her mouth as she struggles and kicks till limp......her limp body is bound in the back of the van....she is awakened for a hog tied ride...then hand carried in and tossed on the bed for some serious stimulus.  From domination and discipline to bring her under control, to a second chloroforming to render her limp while she is stripped and bound....to back arching tickle torture spasm and forced orgasm under the powerful vibrating probe.....she is fucked spread eagle face down.....flipped over.....harness gagged and fucked by a man that was given her body as a reward for hard work.  One of the best kick ass bitch flicks ever produced. Heather is phenomenal!  The economy sucks....this stimulus package will take your mind off it.

Video length: 1 hour 18 minutes PLUS 16 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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