VL-028 - Indoor Outdoor


Tiki takes her blanket out to lay in the sun and gets blanket by two men that have been watching her for some time.  They carry her off to their own property where she can be stripped, duct taped, gagged, looked over....then carried off to the building.  Once inside she is bound spread eagle face down and experiences her first anal intrusion complete with vibrating probe, riding crop on bare ass, lubrication applied in a rude fashion and followed up with a good strict hog tie and ball gagging.  Her mouth opening assisted by the nose hook.  Next it's Clarissa's turn to get grabbed, stripped, dominated, and choked out.  She awakens blindfolded and cleave gagged...standing bound spread eagle to the construction scaffolding where she is further molested and bound, then she is hog tied on a piece of plastic with a neck rope around her neck to keep that head up.  Strict elbow cinching combined with frog tie positioning leaves her anus open to a well deserved cropping.  Awesome flick!  Get it!

Video length: 1 hour 33 minutes PLUS 12 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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