VL-032 - Inverted Yield Curve


Sophie parks her car away from the party house so she can make her escape if the cops show up.  Unfortunately she wasn't thinking of the property she has to cross to get to the party.  Now she'll be partying with a strange man....after being abducted and chloroformed....tied to a board between saw horses, her clothing cut away with a sharp knife...freely molested and forced to suck cock...Strung up against a pole and whipped....then hung up upside down and nose hooked....then flogged.  Her hangover won't be near as bad as it could have been had she gotten wasted at that party.  Next comes Hazel....one leg strung up, the other bent and bound, the ring gag strapped in tight....tears forming as she begs, whines and struggles.  She'll be fucked before this is over.  A little neck restriction to keep her attention, legs spread and bound wide....her pussy cropped....her gag reflex tested....then fucked by an assistant that finds her tied up all alone.   

Video length: 1 hour 29 minutes PLUS 17 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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