VL-033 - CandyLayne


Candy and Layne.  Only 18 years old....time to teach them a thing or two.  First Candy, Hitchhiking down that country road....hotter than a pistol.  Picked up and zipped up....thrown in the back of the van and mouth stuffed and gagged.  Taken into the warehouse where her captor can take his time....force her to strip, handcuff, ball gag, belt whip, spank, arms overhead, hog tie, butt plug, crotch rope and deep throat the bitch to make sure she gets the point.  Next Layne....clean up girl....gets cleaned up nice on the deck.....elbow strapped and ass upped, then taken to a tree where she is bound overhead and ball gagged.  Her clothing is cut and torn away.....and the nude stands alone.  Later she is brought inside and put up on the table for a good strict hog tie that will give her a better understanding of what it means to pay attention.  The ball gag head harness and nose hook are helpful in this regard.  Two super hot bodies! 

Video length: 1 hour 34 minutes PLUS 12 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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