VL-035 - Infringed Benefits


These two abductettes are bound for corporate ownership when the auction is completed.  Until then they must endure strict bondage and discipline to prepare them for their upcoming adventure.  Layne is taken on the couch as she goes through a stack of cd's....The chloroform prevents injury while she is being cuffed and transported.  Wendy is taken in her room while preparing for bed.  She submits dutifully and accepts her position while being hog cuffed.  Layne's virgin bottom receives lubricated dilation and penetration to prepare her for the massive anal intrusions she'll experience under corporate ownership.  Ball gags, chains, leather straps and strict rope insure that they are kept secure prior to auction.  They'll make excellent fringe benefits for the corporate clients they'll be forced to serve.  Their sacrifice might even help save the economy!

Super hot!   

Video length: 1 hour 28 minutes PLUS 3 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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