VL-036 - Dressed for Distress



Gorgeous Heather Silk is cuffed arms over head in high heels and hose. She is stripped, fondled, molested, and paddled on that bad little bottom as her clothing is removed one piece at a time.  Then she is locked down on the floor and given some serious training with the aid of a big cock and a set of stocks.  Finally she is hog tied in rubber straps on the table where she can be fed cock without worry of her falling off the table. 

Next our sweetheart Candy is brought in wearing her hot little outfit.  It'll look great laying on the floor.....with her hog tied and ball gagged along side it.  Awesome first timer reality bondage as she endures her virgin bondage experience.  Then she is doggie styled on the bench with the neck strap as a choke collar and that virgin bottom is lubricated and guaged for anal.  Now that she's been anal trained, it's time for a good flogging....from the front on super sensitive breasts.....from behind on that hot white ass.  She gets a little defiant.  I wouldn't let that be a reason to kick her out of bed.

Video length: 1 hour 41 minutes PLUS 10 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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Candy is one of the prettiest young women I've ever set eyes on. Her sweet face combined with that perfect killer body are my idea of heaven here on earth.
Once again I must lodge complaint on lighting ; I feel that the bench scene compromised on lighting and that the split-view may have been a bad call here since half the scene was a lighting wash-out.
I know this isn't Hollywood film-making [ never in a million years would Hollywood have this kind of balls ] but please pay more attention to image quality - we want to see this rare beauty in crisp sharp detail !!
[ and by the way is she coming back ?]