VL-040 - Southern Comfort


Two fine black slave girls.  Montez and Skyy.....Captive girls collared and inducted into slavery.  Montez...Captured and collared, dominated and stripped, then breast flogged and bound to the whipping stocks for an awesome bottom whipping.  Skyy....Captive slaveteen bound to the backboard where her clothing is cut away, her body oiled, her sensitive genitalia vibrated as she squirms in ecstacy.  Then she is strapped to the anal training bench where her virgin anus is lubed and stretched, then rodded out good.  Finally she is butt plugged and crotch roped, hog strapped and put to bed.  These black slaves will give their share cropper owners hours of southern comfort.

Video length: 1 hour 54 minutes PLUS 13 minutes of previews

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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