VL-048 - Breedin Farm


Breedin Farm - A place where captive breeders are prepped for quick sale.  Starring Cherie and Pixie, two capable breeders.  First the capture, home invasion and chloroform to prevent injury during transport.  Though they kick like mules they are easily taken.  Then back at the Farm....bound, stripped, whipped to inforce discipline, inspected, subjugated, ass rodded to prepare them for anal.  Pixie is hung up nude and whipped, flogged at the whipping post and tit whipped.  Cherie gets a slow sensual stripping, then a strict hog tie and ball gag with nose hook until she begs for cock.  Awesome anal training scenes with both girls. Once broke these breeders will make fine house servents and care givers for the youngins...not to mention their obvious potential as cock massagers.  Keep one in the kitchen and one in the closet for those stressful days. 

Video length: 2 hour 7 minutes.

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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