VL-050 - Second Day


Delila Darling's second day of captivity.  After her previous escape attempt she is school girl bitch whipped and goosed.  A hard ass whipping is her reward for failing a wetness test.  Then she is benched doggie, bit gagged, embarrassed, fondled, anal fingered, ass rodded and fucked in the pussy and the ass.  Too bad her punishment isn't complete.  Teeeeen heart throb Bailey hasn't learned in 4 years of high school to respect private property.  That will change.  After being run down and bound, felt up, roped up, choked up, gagged and blind folded she must endure a long and painful over the shoulder carry.  Once secured she is benched, stripped, spanked, fondled and roped tight.  Her head resting on the crossbar as she winces under invasive fondling and vaginal and anal penetration.  Then the cock in throat treatment...followed by the cock in pussy massage....followed by a much needed colonoscopy with a hard dick till she makes doggie sounds.  Followed by a choking throat coating.  She begs for a second day of punishment as instructed. 

Video length: 1 hour 43 minutes and 3 minutes of previews.

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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