VL-051 - Stripper Jeopardy


Aubry and Tatum learn risk management the hard way when they show up to strip and get stripped and enslaved instead.  The two are over powered, dominated, bound and doggie walked before being wrist to ankle ass upped, cropped, fondled and fingered.  Then they are spread down wide and bit gagged before vibration on sensitive wet pussy.  They are hogged up in the house when Aubry is granted the opportunity to strap one on and have at Tatum's fine pussy.  It's unfortunate that the two can't enjoy the experience more.....although Tatum appears to get off on that throbbing cock....even if it is wielded by Aubry against her will.  Two incredibly hot babes!

Video length: 1 hour 42 minutes and 7 minutes of previews.

You can find the Download version of this video HERE

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